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KoKo Resort

A Unique Bocas Del Toro Hotel

Private Cabins Built Over The Sea, “Jack’s” Free Breakfast, Friendly Service

KoKo Resort is managed by Bahia Del Sol. This pairing has allowed KoKo Resort to become one of the top ranked lodging choices in all of Bocas Del Toro. KoKo Resort guests are able to enjoy “Jack’s” FREE breakfast each morning adding a touch of Bahia Del Sol to your stay. KoKo Resort and Bahia Del Sol are right next door to each other and you will receive the same great service and have access to the same great staff…

PLEASE NOTE: KoKo is NOT a luxury resort in the traditional sense. We believe at KoKo the ultimate luxury is being taken care of and treated nice and that is why we treat every client as part of the family.

Our breakfasts are served in our home (Bahia Del Sol) family style. If you are the type of person that prefers traditional white table cloth restaurants then look else where PLEASE.

If you are looking for a European or American standard 4 or 5 star property KoKo is NOT it so please DO NOT book with us expecting that.

KoKo is located in a Panamanian neighborhood which means there are people living in a variety of local conditions near to the property. Some of these conditions might be considered basic or inadequate to some western travelers but this is a poor Caribbean island and the locals were here long before the tourists arrived so we ask all of our guests to respect them.

The education of the locals is not equal to your home country in many cases and they do not understand the consequences of throwing garbage on the ground and living to the western standard so many travelers are used to. At KoKo we DO NOT isolate ourselves from these local people or the neighborhood we are located in rather we embrace it. We work with the locals to clean up the area and teach them how to improve their lives on a daily basis and in the many years we have been here a lot of progress has been made.

People who enjoy staying with us normally are of the mindset that staying in a traditional commercial style hotel or resort in a commercial area is not what they are looking for. These people have left us 100s of reviews on sites like Tripadvisor routinely ranking us as one of the top properties in Bocas Del Toro because of our customer service and the uniqueness of being located in a Panamanian neighborhood surrounded by Panamanians NOT other hotels or tourists. Sincerely Jack, Lee, Carl (CC), and the KoKo / Bahia Del Sol staff

KoKo Resort Bocas Del ToroKoKo resort is  more unique then your traditional Bocas Del Toro Hotels.

The resort consists of 6 waterfront cabins all built on stilts over the waters of Saigon bay as well as one 2 bedroom 2 bath island condo. The cabins and condo are all available to rent by the day using the reservation system on the KoKo Resort Bocas Del Toro Sea Viewright hand side of this website.

The resort is located on Isla Colon which is the “main” island of the Bocas Del Toro Archipelago. The area of the island that the resort was built on is unique as well. The area is called Saigon and is about a 10-15 min walk from Bocas Town or a 5 min .50cent cab ride.

The area is far enough away from town that you can relax at night without distractions but close enough that in a few minutes you can be KoKo Resort Seaside Diningeating, drinking and enjoying everything Bocas Town has to offer.

The area KoKo is built in is not a commercial district with many other Bocas Del Toro hotels.

The area of Saigon is a residential area of the island and the resort is surrounded by homes. Bahia Del Sol is the only other guest house in KoKo Resort Inside Cabinthe area and it is right next to KoKo resort. The rest of the neighborhood is made up of long term expats from all over the world who call Bocas home and many local working class Panamanian families. Some of these families might live in conditions that you are not used to in your country however here in Bocas these kind of living conditions are common.

Most people consider the resorts location a bonus feature since it allows you to experience local culture. You feel like you are in Panama.

If you are looking to be isolated from the local population and would feel more comfortable in a standard run of the mill hotel then please check out the many Bocas Del Toro hotels located in the commercial area of Bocas Del Toro Kidstown.

We call Saigon home for a reason and prefer it to all other parts of the island for safety, quality of life, the sunsets and the community feel. We would love to invite anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to step outside of the box to come and enjoy Bocas Del Toro in one of KoKo’s beautiful waterfront cabins.