The Cabins

KoKo Resort Has 6 Water Front Cabins

and one, 2 bedroom suite with water and island views

Pricing, availability checks and reservations can be done on this page. Our reservation engine in the right sidebar is always 100% accurate and shows our correct availability and prices. Just enter the dates you desire and click submit.

After submitting your dates you will immediately see what cabins are available and what they cost. You then can make a reservation using your credit card. There is a 50% deposit and cancellations must be made at least 30 days before arrival or you will lose your deposit.

KoKo Resort dining areaKoKo Resort BathroomKoKo Bedroom LoftKoKo Resort Full KitchenKoKo Resort Kitchen ViewEach of the 6 cabins at KoKo resort are very similar. Every cabin has the following features and comforts.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Full Kitchen
  • Hot Water
  • Dining Area
  • Bedroom Loft
  • One Double Bed, 1 Pull Out Single Bed and a One Person Floor Futon that Folds Out
  • Each Cabin Can Accommodate 1-4 People
  • Very Nice Private Bathrooms
  • Wireless Internet
  • Private Upstairs Balcony Off The Bedroom
  • Large Downstairs Porch That opens Off The Kitchen and Dining Area
  • Wireless Internet
  • Free Use Of Kayaks When Available
  • Free Breakfast Each Morning
  • Stunning Ocean, Mountain and Island Views

Specific details for each cabin are listed below

Orchid and Starfish Cabins – These are the direct seafront cabins with unobstructed ocean views from the 2 porches.

Gecko and Dolphin Cabins – Are the 2 cabins located in the middle of the resort.

Palm and Sea Horse Cabins – These are the 2 back cabins. They are closest to land and also a bit larger then all the other cabins. They have a living area that the others do not have.

2 bed/ 2 bath condo behind cabins – In addition to the 6 cabins built out over the water KoKo also has one 2 bedroom condo that is located on the mainland right behind the cabins. This large condo has 2 bedrooms, full kitchen, living room, large second story balcony, AC and beautiful tropical views of the gardens, KoKo, the ocean and the island surroundings.

Remember all availability and pricing can be found in the reservation engine which is located on right sidebar of every page.

Once you have found the perfect accommodations you will also use the reservation engine in the right sidebar to pay the 50% deposited needed to reserve your dates. Once again please remember you MUST cancel at least 30 days from your check-in date or you will lose your 50% deposit.

If KoKo is full or you are looking for a different type of accommodation please check out our sister property Bahia Del Sol.